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Rims and Tires

AutoTrendz - Rims and Tires 1If you're searching for a way to give your vehicle a makeover and enhance its performance at the same time, then you should consider upgrading to first-class rims and tires. Contributing to the sleek appearance of your vehicle and how well it's able to withstand inclement weather, rough terrain, and certain types of roads, installing high-performance wheels is a simple way to make a huge impact.

That's why, in addition to our other car customization services, AutoTrendz offers a huge selection of aftermarket wheels and tires to make your car, truck, or SUV look and perform its best! From 16" wheels to 26" rims, we have the aftermarket wheels you need. Visit our wheel shop in Kendall Park or call to find out more!

Quality Wheels and Tires

Given how much wear and tear your rims and tires endure, it simply doesn't make sense for a driver in New Jersey to have the same models as a driver in Florida or Montana. Environment and climate play a crucial role in how effective your performance wheels are, which is why you should never settle for the cheap rims and tires that often come straight from the factory. Instead, visit the AutoTrendz wheel shop and let our professionals find the perfect fit for you.  

AutoTrendz - Rims and Tires 2The AutoTrendz collection includes wheels and tires from all of the leading manufacturers in the industry, from Foose to Ion Alloy to Giovanna Wheels. Our aftermarket wheels are available in numerous finishes and sizes for most any bolt pattern, meaning your options are practically unlimited! But don't be overwhelmed: our expert sales staff can help you select the perfect wheel for your car or truck.

The AutoTrendz performance wheel and tire team is ready to help you make your vehicle look as awesome as it sounds—drop by today to get your hot new rims and tires!

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